Monday, October 5, 2009

Cooperative Coffees Annual Conference 2009 - Austin, TX

I had the pleasure of  hanging out with some 40 fair trade coffee roasters from around the US and Canada last weekend here in Austin, as Cooperative Coffees held their annual conference and celebrated their ten-year anniversary.

"Cooperative Coffees is a green coffee importing cooperative, comprised of 23 community based coffee roasters in the USA and Canada, committed to building  and supporting equitable and sustainable trade relationships for the benefit of farmers and their exporting cooperatives, families and communities. We strive to promote transparent Fair Trade and sustainable development alternatives in both the North and the South, while continuing to sell the highest quality coffee on the market. "
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I got to photograph the general meetings, the after party, the kayaking trip (Yikes! I went out on that lake/river in a kayak with an ridiculous amount of money in camera gear - none of which was mine), as well as the cuppings.

By far, my favorite stuff is actually from the cuppings, not the kayaking trip as one might expect. What makes these images really cool are the sounds of slurping and spitting that go along with them. And, yes, I totally collected that audio and will produce a soundslides soon......Stay tuned!

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Callie Richmond said...

lovin your logo! missin you! always glad to see your work